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COVID-19 Updates: The Marathon Begins


Dear TLC family,

Over the past two months, we have faced many new challenges together. You have all been patient and flexible as we have started virtual visits, curbside visits and wardrobe upgrades. We are grateful for the encouragement, wonderful handcrafted masks, cards, treats and virtual hugs. You have amazed us with your grace and grit while facing such unprecedented times. We are so thankful for all for you.  Our TLC family is incredible! It has become clear, however, that the pandemic will be a marathon and not a sprint. As such, we want to update you on our current COVID-19 operation plan:


1. Masks, masks and more masks (now essential for all visits). BYOM or we have got you covered

  • As the country reopens, we want to take every possible precaution that your family will be safe in our office. Please join us in wearing a mask for all visits. We ask you to bring your own (cloth, surgical or N-95 are fine). We can provide cloth or surgical masks if needed. 

2. Testing past and present (lets talk)

  • We now have COVID-19 nasal testing available at both offices for potential COVID-19 cases and exposures. We will be offering this testing through curbside visits. We believe testing is the key to conquering this virus!

  • We will be requiring visits (virtual or in-person) to order antibody testing. We want the opportunity to discuss the implications of testing and answer your all COVID-19 questions. Our concern is that our families understand the limitations of both positive and negative antibody tests. 

3. Telemedicine Visits are here to stay (even after COVID-19)!

  • We know you have liked them, so they are here to stay! We will continue to virtually be here for you for med checks, behavioral medication checks, rash evaluations, and others. Our triage team will help you figure out if this is the best option for you and get you all set up.

4. Morning well visits extended to 2PM for all ages/Sick visits still in afternoon

  • We will continue reserving the morning/early afternoon for well checks, medication follow ups and developmental evaluations.

  • We are encouraging patients of all ages to schedule well checks. 

  • All sick children will be seen in the afternoon after 3PM.

5. Curbside Visits will continue

  • Patients, with fever/cough/upper respiratory symptoms, patients with known COVID-19 exposures, and patients with sick family members will be evaluated with curbside visits. Families will park their car outside the office, call the front to notify us of their arrival and be met by your friendly doctor all safe and sound in full protective attire (for your safety and ours).  P.S.: it is getting hot, so keep your AC going!

  • We also welcome patients who feel more comfortable being seen outside for a sick visit. Please let the front desk know you would like one of our new fresh air visits.

6. Let us continue to be your Urgent Care / Evening & Weekend Telemedicine.

  • We are here for you. All afterhours and weekend calls will now be Telemedicine Visits with one of your beloved providers. The ER and Urgent Care are going to continue to be a potential COVID-19 exposure. Please call us first to see if we can keep you safe at home.

Please note that your insurance will be billed for all Telemedicine visits. You will be responsible for any copay, deductible and co-insurance amounts.


Typically, when running a marathon, we know the terrain we will be facing. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 course is yet to be set and will be ever-changing. We assure you, however, that we are family and we will travel it together. 


We love you all.

Your TLC family

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