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TLC Pediatrics focuses on tender loving care for all infants, children and adolescents.  Our practice offers compassionate state-of-the-art physician care in an intimate family setting where patient care comes first.  We have four well-established pediatricians who have a genuine love of all children.  All of our providers are Board Certified Pediatricians, with years of experience.  Our office staff is friendly and personable with 24-hour phone triage support available for emergencies.


This brand new office offers amenities such as TV’s in all exam rooms, video games in the waiting room and a play structure outside.  Each exam room is customized with an around-the-world theme complete with band paintings for your enjoyment.  Our founding physician is Dr. Diane Matsumoto, who has been practicing in the valley for over 10 years, established this practice in February of 2004 and has served Phoenix since 1996.  The staff is committed to continuity of care and we welcome children with all special needs including allergies, asthma and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD). We provide care for children and teens from birth to age 21.  We also offer same day sick appointments and most insurance plans are accepted.  For more information please call us at 480-940-8527.

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Dear TLC Families, We just wanted to update you on our Untied Health Care contract status. United has updated their system we are now showing effective under our new contract as of 1-1-14 as in network providers. Any claims that have previously been processed out of netwrok in error will be adjusted and reprocessed in network. If you have any questions please call our insurance department at 480-940-8527 ext 315!... Thank you for your patients during this process!


9/2013 FLU SHOTS / FLU MIST HAVE ARRIVED. They are all Thimerosal free. We offer flu shots to children ages 6 months and up. The Flu Mist is available for ages 2 and up. Check with our physicians to see which would be best for your child.


In addition to flu vaccines, we also offer adult Tetanus vaccine (Tdap)




We are proud to be a pro-vaccinating office and would like to thank the community for your continued support!


10/7/13 Due to a need to protect our current vaccinating patients and staff, TLC Pediatrics will no longer accept NEW patients who choose not to be vaccinated. This decision does not impact current patients or their families. We believe an up-to-date schedule of vaccinations best protects children, their families and the public at large. We also believe in a person's right to make a decision to vaccinate or not vaccinate. However, we also do not want to place what we believe is an unnecessary exposure risk on our current patients. Thank you.



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